Phone alerts when your hot car becomes dangerous.

Protect what's most important

This year 8 children have already died from heat stroke in vehicles. Sadly, that is after 2018 was the worst on record with 52 child deaths from hot cars. This dangerous situation can happen to any of us—it only requires a change in routine or a moment of distraction. The simple, all-vehicle monitoring provided by Payton's Charm gives either you or emergency services the opportunity to intervene when the life of your loved one is threatened by rising temperatures.

Always-on monitoring for peace of mind

Payton’s Charm is an aftermarket life-detection device designed to solve the problem of hyperthermic deaths in vehicles, and the product of four years of research and engineering. Its patented algorithm passively monitors the temperature and air within the vehicle to detect the presence of life and send phone alerts when environmental conditions become dangerous.


  • Proven technology

    Designed by an experienced team of aerospace engineers, Payton's Charm is the product of four years of research, engineering, and testing.

  • 24/7 monitoring

    A long-lasting battery and internal cellular modem ensure that Payton's Charm is active and ready to alert you at any time.

  • Long-lasting battery

    The rechargeable battery can operate the device for up to a month on a single charge and can be charged via a standard vehicular power socket.

  • Text message alerts

    If it detects the presence of life in dangerous conditions, Payton's Charm will send a text message alert to your phone.

  • Backup contacts

    A backup contact may also be configured, such as another loved one or caregiver. If the initial text message alert is not acknowledged within a short period of time, this backup contact will also be alerted, followed by emergency services.

  • Easy setup

    You only need to configure a few settings via text message when you first receive the device to begin monitoring your vehicle.